I create customized websites – the goal is to meet your needs and both content and visually reflect the essence of your business / business.

Since in modern times a website is one of the most important business aspect of a company, I emphasize that the main idea, goal or purpose of the website should stand out. I think that the style of the website often says much more than the actual content.

Ideal choice for startups

Whether you are a start-up entrepreneur, a growing business or even a non-profit, I offer you the perfect solution. Creating a website on your own (e.g. on wix) is cheap, but it may not be as high quality. Custom web development from a company, on the other hand, is high quality but can also be very expensive. Since I create websites myself, the costs are not that high and I can make you a fair offer.



If you do not have a domain yet, I will advise you with its selection and possibly arrange it for you.

As with the domain, I will advise you with its selection and in case you do not have it yet, I offer you a more favorable hosting, which I manage myself.

I create pages to be responsive on any device, on which the user will view them. Of course, this means customization
for laptops, tablets and especially mobile phones.

The web design also includes various options such as multilingual versions, a newsletter or various forms, a chatbot that will communicate with visitors to the site and a bunch of other features. As for the graphic elements, I work with a skilled graphic designer who creates most of my more complex graphic content. So I also offer you solutions for the entire corporate design – logo, labels, business cards, …

Even after the completion of your website, I will manage it (according to your wishes), update it, analyze the data or add more content, depending on your needs.

The price for web development is very individual – it depends on how complex it will be. It can start as low as 200 USD for a simple one-page website. An average website with 6 main pages costs around 500 USD and small eshop usually starts at 700 USD.